Visiting Middle East Christians
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Visiting Middle East Christians
January 22, 2022
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  • Iran: “It’s Love that Preaches”
    God is at work in Iran! Nazanin works in a call center for Mohabat TV, one of our VOM partners broadcasting the gospel into Iran and surrounding nations via satellite TV and internet. Each day Nazanin and her team take calls from inside Iran. Many are from Muslims who want to know more about Jesus and even commit their lives to following Him. Other callers are Muslims who want to argue against the Christian message or convert the call center workers back to Islam. Some are even threatening and angry. Listen as Nazanin shares the story of a policeman who picked up the phone in the home of a Christian he’d come to arrest—and how God used that phone call to plant the seeds of the gospel in his life! Nazanin will give American Christians advice on how to reach Muslims in our country, and specific ways that we can pray for God’s work in Iran. You’ll be inspired by what God is doing in Iran, this week on VOM Radio.
    28 MIN
  • Southeast Asia: Jesus Was with Me
    Dr. Sid Webb and Dr. Jason Peters just returned from Southeast Asia, where they met with persecuted Christians in Vietnam and Laos. They heard first-hand about the persecution Christians in these nations face, and also saw how God is doing amazing things in that region. They’ll share how authorities in Laos prevent Christians from advancing in their education or getting jobs simply by refusing to stamp “the family book.” Hear about a secret Christian training center hiding in plain sight in Vietnam, and how pastors in Laos are being trained to endure persecution and even to show love to their persecutors. You’ll also learn how VOM is standing with front line workers in the region, equipping them to serve more boldly and reach more people with the gospel. Finally, they’ll equip us to pray in specific ways for Vietnam, Laos and for our Christian brothers and sisters in that region.
    28 MIN
  • Muslim Ministry: “When We Pray”
    “There is something astounding happening right now” in the Muslim world, says Jami Staples, Director of Women’s Training for Crescent Project ( Muslims are coming to know Jesus Christ! Not just a few, but thousands! Listen this week as Jami shares the story of an American woman reaching out electronically to Muslim women living in a restricted nation. Hear how God is working among Muslims—even through the miraculous—and how Christians simply living out their lives and their love of Jesus can make a huge impact on Muslim friends looking on. We’ll also hear how persecution is a reality for Muslim converts—even in free nations like the US or those in Western Europe—and a special call to reach out to refugees who’ve lost everything in their own country. Grow your heart for Muslims and lengthen your prayer list, this week on VOM Radio.
    28 MIN
  • “Love Opens Every Door”

    “Love Opens Every Door”

    September 23, 2016
    Jami Staples works with Crescent Project ( to train American women to reach out to Muslims—right here in the US. Listen as she shares how God grabbed her heart for Muslim women, using a veiled woman whose name she’ll never know walking across an East-African roundabout. In just a moment, God changed Jami’s heart and life forever. What are the two themes Jami hears in every testimony of a Muslim woman coming to faith in Jesus? You’ll hear stories of women who even in recent months have opened their hearts to Jesus, and the price they must pay to follow Him—even in America. You’ll be inspired to go deeper in your own faith and to look with love on Muslims in your community this week on VOM Radio.
    29 MIN
  • Middle East: “We Have to Apply What Jesus Said”
    “Brother Sam” is a gospel worker in the Middle East, where part of his ministry is reaching out with help to refugees displaced by ISIS from Iraq and Syria. By helping with practical needs—shelter, education, medical aid—Brother Sam and other Christians have the opportunity to share the gospel and introduce Muslim refugees to Jesus Christ. Such work comes with risk and threats, but Sam tells us that persecution creates “a healthy environment for the Lord to work.” And God is working! Listen this week to hear stories of divine healing, Muslims coming to faith and Christians passionately reaching out in the name of Jesus. Your faith will be inspired!
    28 MIN
  • Middle East: “God Is Shaking Things Up”
    “Brother James” works to reach Muslims and train believers to plant churches in the Middle East, a place where choosing to follow Christ comes with a high cost. This week he shares with us how God is shaking things up in that region—both inside the church and inside the hearts of Muslims—to spread the gospel and draw more Muslims to Christ. James will also share the challenges of his work, and how he and his Operation Mobilization coworkers identify those God is calling to the difficult, sometimes dangerous work of planting churches in that Islamic region. The Middle East is beset by bloodshed and hardship, but James tells us God is redeeming even evil activities in the region to advance His Kingdom. Be ready to add to your prayer list and to consider how you can reach out to Muslims in your city, this week on VOM Radio. Photo credit: “Librarian” by Michal Huniewicz is licensed under CC BY 2.0
    28 MIN
  • China: We Are Light and Salt

    Bob Fu is a former prisoner for Christ in China. He is also the founder and president of the China Aid Association and one of the most knowledgeable and widely-heard voices speaking out on behalf of persecuted Christians in China. This week Bob will share with us about an ongoing crackdown against Christians and churches in China, a crackdown that includes Christians in prison, church buildings destroyed and even Christian children prevented from pursuing their education. But Bob will share good news, too: in the midst of that persecution, God is at work. One fruit of the current campaign against the church is a newfound unity among believers from different backgrounds and denominations. Bob will also share an update about Gao Zhisheng, a Christian human rights attorney who has been terribly abused and persecuted, but has found God faithful even in the depths of human suffering. Finally, we’ll hear an update on brand new developments in the case against Asia Bibi in Pakistan.

    Click below to order a copy of Bob’s outstanding book, “God’s Double Agent."

    28 MIN
  • Reaching Muslims: “Love Always takes the Initiative”
    “Brother Mark” works among Christians in the Middle East and North Africa, training new believers and equipping them to reach out and win Muslims to Christ. This week he’ll share stories of what new believers face after leaving Islam—often starting with persecution from their own families. He’ll talk about witnessing to Muslims and equip listeners to answer some of the questions Muslims may ask about Christianity and the Bible. Finally, Mark will talk specifically about some of the nations of North Africa, including updates on Christians in Egypt and Mauritania, and how we can pray for Christians all across that region.
    30 MIN
  • Laos: “I’m Willing to Die”
    Her husband was the village police chief, the man responsible to make sure no more people in the village became Christians. And now she had chosen to follow Christ! Her husband pressured her to renounce her faith; then he beat her. Then he threatened her life. “I’m willing to die,” she answered. That’s just one of the stories you’ll hear this week from Brother Sionh, the voice of the Khmu Christian radio broadcast in Southeast Asia. He’ll also share the great need for leaders within the rapidly-growing Khmu church and how VOM is helping equip and train new leaders to meet that need. Finally we’ll hear how we can pray for Laos and for our brothers and sisters there. Watch the video Brother Sionh refers to telling the story of one imprisoned Laotian believer:
    28 MIN
  • Turkey: “This Is Our Reality”
    Imagine seeing three of your best friends murdered for their faith in Christ. Brother Gokhan experienced that loss, living in Malatya where three Christians—all part of his church—were murdered. Today Gokhan is a part of Sat-7 TURK, sharing the gospel across the nation via satellite television. He tells us that risk is a part of sharing the gospel in Turkey. “We need to be sacrifice people,” he says. But he reminds us that the power to endure persecution doesn’t come from us, it comes from God. Listen this week to learn more about what recent political turmoil in Turkey means for the church and how you can be praying for our brothers and sisters in that nation.
    30 MIN
  • VOM Interns: “A Daily Choice”
    Julia and Sam are two of the college students who served as interns this summer at VOM. Listen in as they share some of their experiences, and what they’ve learned—both professionally and spiritually—during their two months of service. How will they be different when they go back to their college campuses? What have their duties been at VOM, and what did they learn about VOM’s ministry that surprised them? We’ll also share details about VOM’s intern program for next year, and how to apply if God is nudging you toward service as an intern at VOM.
    28 MIN
  • Eritrea: How Do We Understand the Cross?
    Dr. Berhane spent 11 months in prison for his Christian faith and work; he watched friends and fellow prisoners led away to execution. But he also saw God’s hand at work as fellow prisoners accepted the gospel message and turned their hearts toward Christ. Dr. Berhane tells us what God taught him through dark days of suffering and how he prepared himself to face persecution. Finally, he’ll update listeners on the current situation for believers in Eritrea and share specific ways to pray for that African nation.
    28 MIN
  • Iran: “We Have a Big Family”

    What does it mean for Christians in prison to get letters from Christians around the world? It means that they are part of a family, and they are not forgotten.

    In Part 2 of our interview with Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh they share more of the story of how God used them inside Iran's notorious Evin Prison, where they spent 259 days.

    Listen as they share the heartbreak of seeing children born in prison and later taken from their mothers. Maryam and Marziyeh share how their treatment in prison changed when letters from around the world began arriving, and they'll give ideas about how we can talk to Muslims about our faith in Christ.

    You'll be inspired by the faith of these two women who consider it an honor to have been allowed to suffer for Jesus.

    Write letters to Christians still in prison today at

    28 MIN
  • Iran: “In Love with Jesus”

    Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh were bold evangelists in Iran, sharing their faith and distributing Bibles in that Islamic nation. Their evangelism work caught the attention of the authorities, and the two women ended up in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison, where they spent 259 days.

    But even in prison, Maryam and Marziyeh saw God’s hand at work, providing for them and allowing them to be witnesses for Him.

    “We experienced in prison how we should trust God and how we should trust His plans,” Maryam says. Listen as they share how they began their ministry, what happened the day of their arrest, how they saw God at work in prison and even about the most discouraging day in Evin.

    You will be inspired as you hear Maryam and Marziyeh share about their sacrificial love for Christ.

    28 MIN
  • Richard Wurmbrand: Prison Preaching
    Merv Knight is one of the longest-serving members of VOM’s worldwide family, having met VOM founder Richard Wurmbrand on the first day of August in 1969. Merv shares this week stories of the Wurmbrands, how they ministered both under persecution and after coming to the free world, and some of the challenges they faced launching a ministry to serve persecuted believers around the world. Merv also shares testimonies from some of the many persecuted Christians he’s met during more than 45 years of service to our persecuted family, and the lessons he’s learned from the lives of those willing to suffer and even die rather than deny their faith in Christ.
    28 MIN
  • Middle East: Gospel Hunger
    VOM Radio host Todd Nettleton recently travelled to meet with persecuted Christians in the Middle East. This week he shares highlights from the trip and stories of some of the Christians that he had a chance to meet, including a former prisoner in Iran, a pastor working with refugees from Iraq and Syria and a Turkish believer who shared the challenges of raising children in an overwhelmingly-Islamic culture. Todd and Dr. Jason Peters also discuss the importance of praying for Muslims during Ramadan, which is going on right now. Come along with VOM Radio this week on a visit to members of our persecuted family in the Middle East.
    28 MIN
  • Cuba: Help Us Remain Faithful
    The United States and Cuba have diplomatic relations after more than 50 years of animosity. President Obama recently visited Cuba. But has anything changed for the church or for Cuban Christians? Pastor “Jose” is a Cuban church leader, and he’ll share this week a reminder that Cuba is still a communist nation and that our Christian brothers and sisters there are still persecuted. But Jose also has exciting news: Cuba’s Christians are not afraid of the government or persecution and they are boldly sharing the gospel. House churches are being planted and are growing, in spite of efforts by the government to exert control and instill fear in believers. We’ll also welcome back to the studio “John and Mary,” working among Muslims in Europe, to hear how persecution happens even to Muslims living in free nations in Europe. Mary also offers advice to people sensing God’s call to missions.
    28 MIN
  • Muslim Refugees: Gospel Opportunity
    “John” and “Mary” are working among Muslim immigrants and refugees in Europe, sharing the love of Jesus with people from a particular nation. Their work includes contacts with both long-term European residents and new refugees fleeing the crisis in the Middle East; each group requires different approaches when presenting the gospel. Listen as John and Mary share stories from their work—including the unique way God prepared Mary as a teen-ager to work among Muslims—and some common characteristics and experiences among Muslims who are choosing to leave Islam and follow Christ. We’ll also talk about how you can reach out to Muslims, even if you feel intimidated or don’t think you know the Quran well enough or know the right answers for their questions. We’ll inspire your faith and add to your prayer list this week on VOM Radio.
    28 MIN
  • Missions: His Love Compels Us
    “Brother John” helps lead the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He has served as a missionary in Muslim nations, and today is involved in recruiting and sending mission workers to the hardest and most unreached places in the world. Listen as Brother John shares the challenge of sending workers into harm’s way, what motivates him to keep sending even after some workers are martyred, and the joy of seeing God move in Muslim nations. John also shares thoughts on how American churches can do a better job of preparing and inspiring more people to hear God’s call to take the gospel to the world’s toughest places. We’ll also hear more from songwriter Steve Merkel about using music to share the love of Jesus around the world, and his experiences in Islamic nations.
    28 MIN
  • More Ways to Tell the Stories
    Telling inspiring stories of our persecuted family has always been at heart of VOM’s ministry. We are thankful for wonderful ministry partners who come alongside to help us tell those stories in various forms—books, songs, films—to impact and inspire more Christians with the courage of our persecuted family and the faithfulness of God. This week we’ll meet some of those partners, including Cris Doornbos, CEO of David C. Cook publishers; Steve Merkel, who co-wrote the song “We Stand As One” for the I Am N album; and Bill Curtis, President of Vision Video and producer of The Torchlighters series of animated films telling the stories of Christian heroes, including heroes who boldly stood for their faith in the face of persecution. Listen to hear how our persecuted family has inspired each of these men—and their families—and how they are spreading those stories even further. Get “We Stand As One”: Get The Torchlighters DVDs: Get The Action Bible:
    28 MIN