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November 16th, 2019
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In 2016, missionaries Norine Brunson and her husband, Pastor Andrew Brunson, were arrested in Turkey. Norine was released 12 days later, but Andrew remained in prison for two years. Norine remained in Turkey throughout his imprisonment to support Andrew and fight for his freedom.

Listen as Norine tells VOM Radio how she helped Andrew battle for his faith and freedom as she watched him suffer and as they both missed significant family events in the United States during Andrew’s imprisonment.

Hear Norine describe the lowest point in Andrew’s imprisonment and how she saw God bring good out of even the darkest days of Andrew’s discouragement and doubt.

Norine also shares with VOM Radio listeners how they can pray for the nation of Turkey as well as for the families of Christians imprisoned because of their faith in Christ.

Listen to the VOM Radio interview with Pastor Andrew Brunson here. You can purchase a copy of Andrew’s book, God’s Hostage, here (affiliate link).

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Previous Episodes

  • JOHN CHAU: What Will It Take?

    Dr. Mary Ho, executive leader of All Nations, is back to continue our discussion of the life and legacy of John Chau, killed one year ago this month attempting to take Jesus’ love to the people of North Sentinel Island. John’s sacrifice has drawn comparisons to Jim Elliott and Nate Saint, and Mary will talk about the qualities they shared, especially a sacrificial, deep love for Jesus.

    Mary will tell us more about All Nations, the ministry she leads which sent John to the island, including how they train missionaries and church planters all over the world and then coach each one as they put their training into practice. She will also discuss what it will take to reach the hardest places—places like North Sentinel Island—with the gospel message.

    John Chau felt called to North Sentinel Island after reviewing this list of unreached people groups; would you consider choosing one unreached people group to specifically pray for?

    You can connect online with All Nations-USA or All Nations-International, and listen to Part 1 of our conversation with Dr. Mary Ho about John Chau’s life, calling and ministry.

    24 MIN
  • JOHN CHAU: “God Had Called Him”

    One year ago this month, John Chau gave his life for Jesus Christ and the gospel on North Sentinel Island, and island in the Bay of Bengal governed by India.

    Dr. Mary Ho is the executive leader of All Nations, the mission organization that sent out John Chau and sends gospel workers all over the world, including countries where Christians are persecuted. Listen as she describes the John Chau she knew: unassuming, humble, soft-spoken, and with a clear calling from God to go to the people of North Sentinel Island.

    Dr. Ho will also talk about the criticism that came after John’s death—in secular media and even from within the church, and describe her own perspective on fulfilling the Great Commission and how missionaries bring blessings, not problems, to the nations where they go.

    John was a young man when he went to the island, but he was not unprepared for challenges he might face there. Mary will tell us how much effort John put forth—years of effort—preparing to arrive on the beach that sunny morning last November.

    This is Part 1 of our conversation with Dr. Mary Ho; tune in next week to hear Part 2 as we continue to honor the life and sacrifice of John Chau.

    Connect online with All Nations-USA or All Nations-International.

    24 MIN
  • NORTH KOREA: Pastor Han, Good Shepherd

    The world knew Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol as a persecuted Christian pastor and a man who served North Korean refugees crossing into China—in spite of threats and danger.

    Dr. Eric Foley, the leader of VOM-Korea, knew Han as coworker and friend. This week Dr. Foley shares personal stories of the courageous pastor murdered by North Korean agents inside China. Pastor Han’s story is the subject of this year’s International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church video from VOM.

    Just months before Pastor Han’s murder, he visited Dr. Foley and they talked openly about the threats against Pastor Han’s work. One of Han’s coworkers had already been kidnapped and taken to prison in North Korea. There were threats the same thing could happen to Pastor Han.

    But Pastor Han reminded the Foleys that the shepherd’s job is to care for the sheep—and his sheep were along the North Korean border, where they needed their shepherd. He was willing not only to go, but to lay down his life for the sheep God had entrusted to his care.

    Listen and be inspired by the example of faithfulness, commitment and courage lived out by Pastor Han Chung-Ryeol, and prepare your heart and your church to pray for persecuted Christians in North Korea and around the world on the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, November 3.

    Also listen to Dr. Foley’s previous visit to VOM Radio, where he discussed why the North Korean regime of the Kim family is so threatened by Christianity.

    24 MIN
  • ANDREW BRUNSON: “This is My Victory”

    Pastor Andrew Brunson, author of a new book called God’s Hostage, was imprisoned in Turkey for two years, and he says every single day was a battle to overcome his fear and grief and anxiety. One of those who inspired him in these battles was Richard Wurmbrand, VOM’s founder. In Part 2 of our interview with Brunson, he explains how Wurmbrand inspired him to dance inside his prison cell. He says he didn’t feel joy or happiness, but he set his will to act joyfully in spite of his feelings.

    Brunson was also inspired by another former prisoner for Christ (and VOM Radio guest), Dan Baumann, to lock away doubts and questions and choose to leave those in God’s hand. Brunson says he told God from his prison cell, “I don’t need answers to have a relationship with You.”

    Listen as Andrew shares how he came to “embrace my assignment” of being in prison for Christ.

    Andrew will share about the song God birthed in his soul while he was locked in prison, and how his heart changed over long months in prison to a posture of faithfulness and trust in spite of not seeing his outward circumstances change. That heart change, he says, was his victory over the terrible circumstances and injustice he faced in prison.

    Finally, Brunson will tell the story of a letter he wrote to Norine that clearly demonstrated his changed heart as he expressed commitment to drink every drop that the Lord had ordained for him to drink from the “cup of suffering.”

    Order your copy of God’s Hostage (affiliate link). You can also listen to Part 1 of our conversation.

    30 MIN


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