MISSIONS: Taking the Gospel to the 4-in-10
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MISSIONS: Taking the Gospel to the 4-in-10
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Brother Harold served 15 years as a gospel worker among Muslims in Central Asia—where persecution of new Christian believers is common. For the past five years he has worked in the US to recruit, train and mobilize more workers into the world’s spiritual harvest fields. Harold reminds us that four out of every ten people around the world have never heard the name of Jesus. What are we, as Christians, doing to shrink that number? Harold reminds us that God’s Word clearly states that followers of Jesus are to be involved in the spreading of the gospel. He challenges every listener: Are you sending laborers into the harvest? Praying for the gospel to go out? Are you going?

Harold will share a recent story where God allowed him to see the fruit of his family’s labor in Central Asia—but also reminds us that we won’t always see the fruit of our work, especially in the early years of gospel planting.

He’ll also encourage listeners that they can reach unreached nations right here in the US through immigrant communities. He’ll share how he and his family have been able to bless Central Asian immigrants in their city—and how that has led to gospel opportunities. He says when Muslims come to faith in the US, it is almost always the result of encountering Christ’s love in His people.

Listen as Harold suggests ways we can pray for more opportunities for the gospel, for our persecuted church family, and for current and future missionaries.

In this conversation we refer to a previous episode on VOM Radio with Bob and Kasey, who were enjoying their retirement when God gave them a “holy discontent,” and called them to minister to the people of a very closed Muslim nation.

Learn how you can specifically pray for persecuted Christians in 2023 by requesting a complimentary copy of VOM’s 2023 Global Prayer Guide.

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Previous Episodes

  • TURKEY: Ready To Die for Christ

    “Tell me the truth! Dead or alive?”

    When Susanne Geske heard the answer to that question—that her husband, Tilmann, had been murdered along with two Turkish Christians, Necati Aydin and Ugur Yüksel—she was overwhelmed with shock. The Geskes had been in Turkey (now called Türkiye) for 10 years. It’s a Muslim country, and they knew there was some risk for Christians. But she never thought their family would be affected.

    The five murderers—ages 19 and 20—were arrested at the scene of the crime. Turkish media members rushed to Malatya to report on the “missionary massacre,” and they wanted to interview Susanne. She didn’t know what to say when they came to her door the day after her husband had been martyred.

    Praying, she asked, “Lord what should I say?”

    The Holy Spirit answered with the words of Christ on the cross: “Forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.” Though Turkish media often paint Christians as an enemy, with the Lord’s help Susanne used this opportunity to share the gospel of forgiveness and the love of Jesus, the reason she could forgive men who killed her husband. Her living example of forgiveness was broadcast all over Turkey.

    Listen as Susanne shares how God has become a father to her children and looked after her needs in the 15 years since Tilmann was killed. She’ll also give an update on the killers’ trial, the search for justice and how her church family and neighbors enveloped her with prayers and love in the days after the murder.

    She says that in Turkey, and other Muslim nations, people are rejecting Islam and seeking hope and truth. Many Muslims are searching privately online to learn more about Jesus and Christianity. Pray for Christians in Turkey, for those who are seeking truth, and for Susanne and her family.

    VOM Radio has also shared a conversation with Semse Aydin, widow of Necati. Listen to that conversation here. VOM Radio host, Todd Nettleton, wrote about meeting Susanne and Semse in Turkey just seven weeks after the murder of their husbands in his book, When Faith is Forbidden.

    Learn more about praying for persecuted Christians in Turkey and other restricted nations and hostile areas when you request your free copy of the VOM 2023 Global Prayer Guide.

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    24 MIN
  • Persecution and Ministry in 2023: Be At Peace

    When terrorists invaded the church service and pointed guns at his head, the pastor could have said many things to his congregation. Led by the Holy Spirit, he told them simply, “Be at peace. Soon we will be with Jesus.” Instead of committing murder, the attackers put their guns down and left the church, leaving the pastor and his flock alive and well.

    This true story, from persecuted Christians on the Arabian Peninsula, is just one of those you’ll hear this week from Jonathan Ekman, VOM’s Vice President of International Ministry. Join the conversation as Jonathan looks back on VOM’s work in 2022 and looks ahead to challenges and opportunities for persecuted church ministry in 2023.

    Listen as Jonathan discusses regions where persecution is changing, and what the next year may look like for Christians in restricted and hostile nations. He’ll also suggest some less-well-known countries, such as Northern Mozambique, Malaysia and Brunei, where persecuted Christians need your prayer.

    Are there nations where VOM’s work is likely to change in 2023? Jonathan will talk about the spread of radical Islam across Africa, and what it means for churches and Christian leaders in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Central African Republic and other African nations. He’ll also look at some of the many unknowns faced this year, including intensified Christian persecution in China and upcoming elections in Nigeria and India. Your prayer list will grow as you consider the persecution being faced by Christians around the globe.

    One way you can pray more knowledgeably for persecuted Christians in the new year is to request a complimentary copy of VOM’s 2023 Global Prayer Guide. For an in-depth discussion of Christian persecution and current events in China, listen to this recent VOM Radio conversation with Dr. Bob Fu.

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    27 MIN
  • MOVING MOMENTS OF 2022 - Part 2

    Join this week as we continue to look back on some of the most moving moments of 2022 on The Voice of the Martyrs Radio:

    • Tim and Dawn, gospel workers in South Asia, tell how stories from the Bible can confront people of other faiths and draw them to Christ.
    • Brother Malik shares his testimony of coming from a Fulani Muslim family to committing his life to Christ after reading through the Bible ten times.
    • Soner Tufan, a Christian in Turkey, tells about receiving a 14-page death threat letter from ISIS—and how God turned his difficulties into a blessing.
    • Victor Kalisher also has received threats as the director of the Israel Bible Society. He’ll tell about his work providing God’s Word to people in Israel in a modern translation they can understand.
    • Brother Hayel was thrown out of his Druze community when he chose to follow Jesus. Despite what faith has cost him, Hayel continues to share hope using a variety of media. He and his coworker, Brother Dan, challenge listeners to pray for the advance of the gospel.
    • Brother Silas was raised in a communist country by a Muslim family. Authorities threw him out of his home after he chose to follow Jesus, accusing him of being a spy. The persecution he faced couldn’t silence him.
    • Pauline Ayyad watched her husband, Rami, boldly live out his faith in Christ in Gaza. She says Rami wasn’t afraid of the threats, but she was terrified. Listen as she tells about the day she learned Rami had been martyred for Christ, and the long process of forgiving his killers, a decision that opened up a new pathway of ministry in her life.
    • VOM Radio host, Todd Nettleton, along with his wife, Char, share about meeting persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in the Middle East and hearing about their sacrifices—and their joy.

    After hearing these brief excerpts of these powerful interviews, you’ll want to go back and listen to the entire conversations. You can listen below to VOM Radio on your favorite podcast app or listen online at VOMRadio.net.

    We praise God for allowing VOM Radio to share these inspiring stories of His power and the faithfulness of our brothers and sisters in restricted nations and hostile areas in 2022. We also THANK YOU for listening and praying for our persecuted family. Please subscribe to the podcast and share VOM Radio with Christian friends you know would also be encouraged by these testimonies!

    24 MIN
  • MOVING MOMENTS OF 2022 - Part 1

    Join this week in looking back on some of the most moving moments on The Voice of the Martyrs Radio in 2022:

    • Author John Weaver reminds us of the power of prayer in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and how we can pray with and for them.
    • Benesh, who has planted more than 30 churches inside Iran in only five years of following Jesus, shares how prayer is the foundation of her ministry and outreach.
    • Pam Arlund explains how the Lord can ask us to lay down our lives for Him, and at the same time we can know that we are perfectly safe. She will also look back on training and sending John Chau, who gave his life to reach the people of North Sentinel Island for the gospel.
    • Jerry and Stacy chose to leave behind the American Dream to pursue God’s call to Tanzania and then Iraq. Listen as they share how Jesus is using them to encourage refugees with the love of Christ.
    • Matthew Hanson reminds us of the price our brothers and sisters pay for the sake of sharing Jesus through the story of an imam who found Jesus in Bangladesh.
    • “Brother Max,” completely transformed by Christ in Uzbekistan, shares his Muslim father’s reaction to his new faith and the New Testament.
    • Cade Jefferson reminds us that even in the darkest moments in life, God is there through the incredible story of Nathan and the gospel worker God sent to him on a beach in North Africa.

    After hearing these brief excerpts, you’ll want to go back and listen to the entire conversations. Click on the links below to listen in your favorite podcast app or visit VOMRadio.net.

    We thank the Lord for allowing VOM Radio to share in 2022 these amazing stories of the power of prayer and of Jesus’s love for the lost. We also THANK YOU for listening and praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters in hostile nations and restricted areas. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the podcast and share VOM Radio with Christian friends you know would also be encouraged by these testimonies!

    24 MIN


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