CHINA: Worst Persecution in 40 Years
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CHINA: Worst Persecution in 40 Years
June 12, 2021
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CHINA: Worst Persecution in 40 Years
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Bob Fu is a former prisoner for Christ and the founder of China Aid Association, serving and sharing the stories of persecuted Christians in China. He says persecution of Christians in communist China is the worst it has been in 40 years—since the days of the Cultural Revolution.

Bob will share a recent case of persecution and the story of how our brother Chen Wensheng—a former mafia leader—thought of ten days in prison as a “spiritual retreat.” Brother Chen went right back to publicly witnessing for Christ the moment he was released.

Pastor Bob says Chinese Christians understand they are in a spiritual battle, rather than a physical one. Listen to hear how they gain strength to face opposition and persecution, and how the church prepares believers—even youth—to stand strong.

Bob Fu is the author of two books: God’s Double Agent, which tells the story of Bob’s coming to faith in China and eventually being forced to flee the country; and The Politics of Inclusive Pluralism: A Proposed Foundation for Religious Freedom in a Post-Communist, Democratic China.

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  • IRAN: “God Always Advances His Kingdom Through Trouble”

    Tune in this week for the second half of our conversation with Pastor Tat Stewart, who lived and ministered in Tehran as the Islamic Revolution swept through Iran. Listen to how he was encouraged by his final conversation on Iranian soil before he and his family were expelled from the country. You’ll also hear how God showed him he could have a more far-reaching ministry to Iranians outside the country than he could ever have living inside the Islamic Republic.

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    Tat continues to minister to Iranian Christians through Talim Ministries, including publishing and mentoring Iranian pastors.

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  • IRAN: On the Ground In Tehran During the Islamic Revolution

    “Let’s drive by the American Embassy and see what’s going on…”

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    Tat Stewart continues to serve and train Iranian church leaders today through Talim Ministries.

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    30 MIN


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