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December 14th, 2018
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  • Myanmar: Whatever the Cost

    Myanmar: Whatever the Cost

    November 17th, 2017
    The family in Myanmar had recently come to Christ when they were called to the monastery to stand before the entire community and a gathering of Buddhist monks. The monks explained that there was no room for Christians in that area. If the family wouldn’t denounce their new faith and return to Buddhism, then their safety couldn’t be guaranteed. Boldly, the family said that, whatever the cost, they would keep following Jesus. Within 48 hours, the high cost of their stand for Christ became clear. Listen as Brother John shares this amazing story and more stories of how God is at work in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). John will also share how “Tortured For Christ,” written by VOM’s founder, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, inspired him in his walk of faith and in his ministry for the Lord. Your faith will be inspired as you hear how Christians in Myanmar are advancing the gospel in spite of opposition. (You can give online to VOM’s Front-Line Ministry Fund, which provides financial help for Front Line gospel workers like John and those he leads, including things like pigs and motorcycles that he talks about in this episode.)
    32 MIN
  • North Korea: When You Feel Fear
    North Korea is heavily featured in current news, especially as U.S. President Donald Trump visits Asia. This week on VOM Radio we’ll look behind the headlines with Dr. Eric Foley, the President of VOM-Korea who oversees VOM work to encourage Christians inside North Korea and to reach North Koreans with the gospel message of Christ—North Koreans living inside North Korea and those living in other nations. Why does Dr. Foley consider North Korea to be the most religious nation on earth? What has changed in recent months that has dramatically cut the flow of North Korean people across the border into China? And how are North Koreans responding to the gospel message of salvation through Christ instead of the propaganda of the brutal Kim regime? You’ll have greater understanding and greater ability to pray effectively for North Korea after this week’s episode of VOM Radio. Learn more about the history of the church in North Korea by reading RESTRICTED NATIONS: North Korea, written by VOM Radio host, Todd Nettleton.
    34 MIN
  • IRAN: A Disciple Will Die for Jesus
    Our guest this week says there is a special spiritual window open right now in a place you might not expect: The Islamic Republic of Iran. “Ali” is a gospel worker in that country with amazing testimonies of how God is at work inside Iran right now, showing off His power and bringing Iranians into fellowship with Jesus. Ali will challenge us with the difference between a convert and a disciple and share stories of how Christ is making disciples—followers willing to face persecution—inside Iran. You’ll be inspired and challenged to take small steps of obedience in your own faith walk. Ali will also share ways American Christians can reach out to Muslims right here in our country. Learn more about Ali’s ministry at
    42 MIN
  • Impossible Not to Be Changed
    Isaac Six has worked on the issue of religious freedom in Washington DC for years, and currently serves at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom ( At age 16 he got first-hand experience being detained in a restricted nation. “It’s almost impossible not to be changed,” he says, when a Christian encounters the incredible examples of our persecuted brothers and sisters who stand boldly for Christ in spite of persecution and suffering. Isaac will help us understand the purpose and function of the USCIRF and how it works within the U.S. government, and with other nations, to promote religious freedom. He’ll share examples of when U.S. involvement has positively impacted a persecution case, and examples of when it hasn’t been as effective in bringing about change. Finally, Isaac will equip listeners to pray specifically for Christians serving in U.S. government roles in these challenging days.our interview that did not air as part of the radio broadcast version of this week’s episode.)
    25 MIN
  • MISSIONS: This Is Why I’m Here
    YWAM Frontier Missions ( is sending gospel workers to unreached peoples around the world, including many nations where Christians are persecuted for their faith. Listen as leaders from YWAM discuss the places where they see God working mightily today, and describe how they train church planters to thrive in hostile regions. They’ll talk about the most important quality they look for in gospel workers, a tenacity that will hang onto their faith and their calling in spite of hardship or persecution. Brian and Louise Hogan will share some of their story of planting a church in Mongolia (you can hear their full story here and here), and how that shapes the way they train church planters today. Kevin (who previously appeared on VOM Radio here) will share about how gospel workers take the training YWAM gives them and translate it into their specific cultural setting to meet the needs of the people where God has called them. (This extended online episode contains bonus portions of our interview that did not air as part of the radio broadcast version of this week’s episode.)
    57 MIN
  • To Own a Bible

    To Own a Bible

    October 14th, 2017
    Dr. Carl Moeller is the CEO of Biblica: The International Bible Society, helping deliver God’s Word to people all over the world. Biblica is one of the organizations VOM partners with in delivering the Scriptures into hostile and restricted nations. Listen in as Dr. Moeller discusses Bible delivery into countries where Christians are persecuted, what it means to Christians in those countries to have their own copy of God’s Word, and the ways that persecuted Christians have inspired him to take his own walk of faith with Christ to a deeper level.
    24 MIN
  • ERITREA: "This Inner Peace"
    “Whenever I read the Scripture, it’s full of persecution.” For Dr. Berhane, a Christian from Eritrea, persecution is not only in Scripture, it’s also a part of his personal story. He spent 11 months in prison for his faith in Christ. But even in prison he saw God’s hand at work and found opportunities to witness to others. Listen as he shares about how prison guards would come and read the names of prisoners to be executed that day, with each prisoner wondering if that day was the day their name would be on the list. Yet in the midst of suffering and executions, Dr. Berhane says he experienced an inner peace through the presence of Jesus Christ. Today, he is a voice for persecuted Christians in Eritrea, and says there is more freedom for Christians to worship inside Eritrean prisons than there is for Christians outside of prison. Be inspired as he shares his own story, and equips us to pray for Christians currently imprisoned in Eritrea, this week on VOM Radio.
    24 MIN
  • PETR JASEK: Imprisoned In Sudan
    Petr Jasek, VOM’s Africa Regional Director, was visiting persecuted Christians in Sudan and assessing how VOM could best help believers there. But instead of flying home from the trip, he was detained at the airport in Khartoum. Listen as Petr shares highlights from his story, which is also told in the October issue—the 50th Anniversary Edition—of VOM’s free monthly newsletter. Listen as Petr shares about his first night in a jail cell, how God had uniquely prepared him with a dream and how he discovered that his cell mates were radical Muslim ISIS fighters. Hear how God used a Sudanese guard to save Petr’s life, and how God revealed that He had a purpose for Petr’s imprisonment, a purpose so great that Petr stopped praying for his release. Petr also shares how he learned to wait upon the Lord during 445 days in prison, and how he experienced God’s deepest peace in the times of his most intense persecution. To hear Petr share the entire story of his arrest, imprisonment and eventual release, click here.
    24 MIN
  • Adopting a Whole Country

    Adopting a Whole Country

    September 22nd, 2017
    What might God do if you made the commitment to pray every day for a specific country? What doors might He open? Two decades ago Peter Smith and his wife were challenged to adopt a country and specifically pray every day for God’s Spirit to move in that country. The country God led them to was the Islamic Republic of Iran. Listen to hear how Peter and his wife began to pray, how God opened the door for him to visit Iran, and how his family has reached out to Persian people living in the United States. In the 20 years since Peter and his family began to pray, God has opened amazing doors for them to impact Iranian people for Christ. As you listen this week, you’ll be challenged to make the same decision Peter and his family made all those years ago: to adopt a country and specifically pray every day for the people in that country. Who knows the doors God will open in your life to minister for Him to the people you’re praying for?
    24 MIN
  • UGANDA: We Stand With the Church
    UGANDA: We Stand With the Church by The Voice of the Martyrs
    24 MIN
  • NIGERIA They Know Who You Are
    Brother Jack and Brother Sean just returned from Northern Nigeria, an area where it’s very dangerous to be a Christian; an area where radical Islamic group Boko Haram is active. “You can’t be a pastor, you can’t be a believer, without Boko Haram knowing who you are in these areas,” says Jack. Christians in the area have seen their homes and churches targeted, while Muslim homes even right next door aren’t bothered in Boko Haram attacks. Jack and Sean will also share about persecution by Fulani Muslims in Nigeria, and how that persecution is coordinated with Boko Haram attacks. In the midst of what is often a war zone, brave Christian pastors are boldly ministering for Jesus Christ and building His church. Often times they must send their families to someplace safer while they continue to minister in the hostile areas. Yet without their bold faithfulness, thousands of Christians would lose their pastors. Listen to how these pastors’ sermons have been changed by their personal experience with persecution. Be encouraged this week by the stories of how the Body of Christ is standing firm in Nigeria, even amidst tragedy, loss and hunger. You’ll also be equipped, as you listen, to pray specifically for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.
    24 MIN
  • INDIA The Lord Has Given Favor
    The first time “Brother Dan” travelled to India was on a mission trip 25 years ago. With one visit to this vast country, he was hooked! Six years ago, Dan moved to India full time, working to share the gospel and strengthen the church. Listen this week as Dan shares how God is at work in India, including performing miracles that show He is more powerful than any of the millions of gods Hindus follow. Dan will also share some of the challenges our Indian brothers and sisters are facing, and what persecution looks like for an Indian who leaves Hinduism to follow Jesus. Finally, he’ll equip each of us with ways we can pray for Indian Christians, and for their nation.
    24 MIN
  • TIBET: "That Gives Me Peace"
    TIBET: "That Gives Me Peace" by The Voice of the Martyrs
    24 MIN
  • TIBET: “At Any Cost”

    TIBET: “At Any Cost”

    August 18th, 2017
    TIBET: “At Any Cost” by The Voice of the Martyrs
    24 MIN
  • LEBANON: Love Expels Fear

    LEBANON: Love Expels Fear

    August 11th, 2017
    LEBANON: Love Expels Fear by The Voice of the Martyrs
    24 MIN
  • NORTH AFRICA: More Than Rules
    NORTH AFRICA: More Than Rules by The Voice of the Martyrs
    24 MIN
  • PAKISTAN: The Perfect Place
    PAKISTAN: The Perfect Place by The Voice of the Martyrs
    24 MIN
  • Missionary Pilot: A Reason to Live
    Growing up the home of missionary parents in Ecuador, Gene Jordan has always known the story of five men—Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming, and Roger Youderian—who gave their lives in the jungle to reach an isolated Indian tribe. But for Gene, it wasn’t a far-off story. The five martyrs and their surviving families were close friends of Gene’s parents. One of Gene’s prized possessions is a picture of him, age 2, standing with Saint in front of the famous, yellow Piper Cub airplane later shredded by spears on the riverbank. As a teen, Gene helped Mission Aviation Fellowship pilots wash their airplanes and clean up the hangar, always hoping for an empty seat on the next flight. As an adult, Gene became one of those pilots and was sent back to Ecuador to follow in the footsteps of “Uncle Nate.” Listen as he shares reflections on a life serving in missions, and the difference the gospel makes in the hearts of individuals, and even entire villages, as the people find in Jesus a reason to live.
    24 MIN
  • BIBLE SMUGGLING: What Greater Gift

    Patrick Klein has carried Bibles into hostile and restricted nations all over the world. He’s been warned many times to STOP. But he continues, answering the call of God and leading teams taking the Word of God into some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places.

    Patrick is the founder and president of Vision Beyond Borders, and he’ll inspire you to think about how you value your own Bible as he shares how Christians in hostile and restricted nations treasure the Word of God, sometimes risking their lives to own or keep a copy.

    Patrick will also share how God called him into this work—in a bathroom in China—and tell inspiring stories of how God has closed the eyes of customs agents and border guards to make a way for Bibles to get through. What greater gift can we give someone, Patrick asks, than the Word of God?

    Visit the Vision Beyond Borders web site.

    Give online to support VOM’s Bible distribution efforts through The Bibles to Captive Nations Fund.

    24 MIN
  • Kidnapped in the Philippines
    Martin and Gracia Burnham were serving as missionaries in the Philippines, where Martin was a pilot with New Tribes Mission. The couple went away for a few days together to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Those few days turned into more than a year in the jungle when they were kidnapped by radical Muslim terrorists. Listen as Gracia tells how she wrestled with God and even with her own faith during those dark days of captivity, and how she experienced the prayers of God’s people, even as Martin was killed during a rescue attempt. Gracia bears witness to God’s faithfulness to the Burnhams and their children, and she gives an update on how God continues to work in the hearts of the terrorists that held them hostage. Her story will inspire you to find ways to glorify God, regardless of what challenges you may be facing. Find a VOM Advance Conference where Gracia will be speaking, and purchase Gracia's book, In the Presence of My Enemies, at VOM Books.
    31 MIN