Church Bombings, Terrorist Attacks: Preparing Disciples for Persecution in Congo
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MOVING MOMENTS of 2023 – Part 1
24 MIN

Join this week in looking back on some of the most moving moments on The Voice of the Martyrs Radio in 2023:

  • Brother James, interrogated in the Middle East, shares how he overcomes fear and gives an example of God’s deliverance.
  • Richard and Jeannette remember the day 25 Chinese police raided their apartment, and how the Lord was with them through their suffering.
  • Carter Gates tells the story of a pastor who was martyred in Laos.
  • A pastor in the Arabian Peninsula tells his congregation to “be at peace,” even as terrorists with guns raid their service. Jonathan Ekman shares the supernatural result.
  • Aaron Miller tells of visiting persecuted Christians in North Africa and intentionally being present with brothers and sisters who have gone through traumatic persecution experiences.
  • Dr. Eric Foley says the church in North Korea is continuing to grow—in spite of being in one of the most restricted nations on earth.
  • Fouad Masri shares how Muslims are more open to the gospel than ever before and a how the Lord had gone before him to prepare for an encounter with a Muslim on an airplane.
  • Brother Shakir, a gospel worker in North Africa, tells the power of suffering for Christ.
  • Also recorded on the road in North Africa, Pastor Joe shared a story of a couple who each accepted Christ without the other knowing—until they were invited to the same Christian meeting!
  • Ben and Kimberly, serving Christ in South Asia, have seen what the Lord has done to bring His Kingdom on earth in the very place where they prayed for God’s church to be built.

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We thank the Lord for allowing VOM Radio to share these amazing stories of the power of the gospel and God’s peace in the midst of persecution throughout 2023. We also THANK YOU for listening and praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters in hostile nations and restricted areas.

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