Church Bombings, Terrorist Attacks: Preparing Disciples for Persecution in Congo
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MOVING MOMENTS of 2023 - Part 2
37 MIN

Join this week as we continue to look back on some of the most moving moments of 2023 on The Voice of the Martyrs Radio:

  • Brother Maksud became a Christian as a young man but was afraid to tell his parents. He expected his father might disown him but was shocked at his father’s response.
  • Pastor Hanna remembers when he learned that a member of his church, Rami Ayyad, had been martyred. He says our faith won’t be tested when everything is going fine, but in difficult times.
  • After Sister Jane’s husband was martyred in the Middle East, she prayed God would raise him from the dead. God didn’t answer that prayer—but used the sacrifice to build his Kingdom.
  • Susanne Geske suddenly received public attention after her husband was murdered in Turkey. She used the opportunity to echo Christ’s words from the cross: “Father, forgive them.”
  • Soon after Ronnie Smith was killed in Libya, his widow, Anita, had an opportunity to express God’s forgiveness to his killers–in English and Arabic. (This interview with Anita was recorded as part of the Hearts of Fire Virtual Event. You can view the event—featuring four women who have suffered for their faith—online now for free.)
  • When their parents were martyred serving the Lord in Uganda, Saul and Ezra Pett were angry with God. But in the years since God has brought healing and now the brothers are ministering in the very place where their parents were killed.
  • As a young man, Brother Mansour made plans to burn down a church. Instead, he became a Christian trying to share God’s Word with Iranians all over the world.
  • Dr. Hormoz Shariat shares the story of a taxi driver in Iran who Jesus healed from cancer; today he shares his testimony with every passenger that gets into his taxi.
  • John Samara shared a prayer request for his co-worker who’d been kidnapped by terrorists in the Middle East. God answered those prayers before his episode was aired on VOM Radio.
  • Susi Childers told us the story of meeting Nigerian widows learning to forgive and pray for their persecutors. Listen to how Susi shared God’s love for these women through jewelry.
  • Brother Enfu told us how church leaders are still being trained in China, in spite of Communist Party restrictions, and gives us a specific way to pray.
  • When VOM met Pastor Pan and members of the Mayflower Church, they had fled China and were seeking asylum in Thailand. Following the broadcast of that episode, church members were granted entry to the US.

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