GAZA PASTOR: Connected Together Through Pain
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  • Confessions of a Bible Smuggler
    Imagine hefting a suitcase with 80 Bibles inside onto the X-ray machine in Iran. Patrick Klein has carried Bibles into hostile and restricted nations all over the world. He’s been warned many times to STOP. But he continues, answering the call of God to take the Word of God into some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places. He’s seen God close the eyes of customs agents and border guards. And he’s also seen God open the hearts of those most opposed to the Gospel. Listen as Patrick shares stories of the miraculous ways God intervened to allow him and his Vision Beyond Borders smuggling teams safe passage and used them to make a Kingdom impact all over the world.
    28 MIN
  • Iran: The Honor of Being Tortured
    The house church pastor had been arrested and tortured. Now he wanted to talk to his leader. Dr. Hormoz Shariat expected the pastor to ask how a loving God could have allowed him to suffer. The pastor would ask, and how he would answer? Instead, the young man called being tortured for his faith in Christ an honor. It is bold witnesses for Christ like this that God is using to change the nation of Iran. Listen in this week to hear Pastor Hormoz share the stories of these faithful believers and explain how persecution in Iran is different from what Christians in other Muslim nations are facing. Encourage your faith and equip yourself to pray for the church in Iran with this week’s episode of VOM Radio.
    28 MIN
  • Iran: Ready for Some Good News
    The Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 promised great things for the Iranian people. The mullahs that took over the nation promised an Islamic paradise on earth. More than 35 years later, Iran’s people have lost hope in their government, and in the religion it upholds. Dr. Hormoz Shariat speaks daily to millions of Iranians through satellite television. He shares the hope of Jesus with a nation that has lost hope in their Islamic government, and he sees great waves of people who have rejected Islam now embracing Jesus, the Savior. This week on VOM Radio, Pastor Hormoz shares exciting things God is doing in Iran and challenges Christians in the United States to be as committed to our God as radical Muslims in the Middle East are committed to theirs.
    28 MIN
  • Sri Lanka: Part of God’s Plan
    Those who come to Christ in Sri Lanka—especially in rural areas—face challenges and trials from Buddhist or Hindu family members or village leaders. Sometimes the challenges are extreme: church buildings torn down, Christians beaten and even martyred for their faith. Yet God is at work: even with persecution the church in Sri Lanka is growing. Rev. Godfrey Yogarajah, the leader of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka, is in a unique position to tell us about both the exciting growth in the Sri Lankan church and the persecution that our brothers and sisters there are facing, and how they prepare to stand strong even in the midst of persecution. You’ll meet him this week on VOM Radio.
    28 MIN
  • Central Asia: Zero Percent Chance
    The people of Central Asia are caught between their Islamic culture and the authoritarian remnants of 70 years of communist domination. Statistically, many of the region’s people have a zero-percent probability of meeting a follower of Christ or hearing the gospel message of Jesus’ love. “Brother Harold” has served more than a decade building relationships and planting gospel seeds among Muslim people in Central Asia. He’ll share about the persecution Central Asian Christians face, some of his challenges and God’s victories during 15 years of ministry, and thoughts on how Christians in the United States can minister to Muslims right where we live.
    28 MIN
  • JoAnn Doyle: Reaching Muslim Women
    Muslim women face oppression in society and even in their own families, sometimes forced to hide even their very faces from the world. JoAnn Doyle leads an outreach to share the truth with Muslim women that they are Not Forgotten, that Jesus Christ loved them so much He even gave His life for them. Listen in as JoAnn shares how we can reach out to Muslim women, even through simple acts of kindness and conversation. We’ll also answer a question from a reader about how Christians inside the world’s most closed nation—North Korea—pray and worship Jesus Christ.
    28 MIN
  • Richard Wurmbrand: In Love with God

    Merv Knight read Richard Wurmbrand’s book, Tortured for Christ, and it changed the path of his entire life. Merv helped found VOM-Australia and worked side by side with Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand for decades. This week he gives us an inside look, with stories of what it was like to minister alongside Richard and Sabina but also what kind of people they were behind the scenes and the deep love for Christ that allowed them to endure persecution while still holding firmly to their faith. Merv will also share the stories of some of the persecuted Christians that have inspired his own faith during almost five decades of ministry with The Voice of the Martyrs.

    28 MIN
  • Missions: “God Had Their Back”

    Jesus told his disciples to “Go into all the world.” He didn’t say it would be easy.

    Verne and Denny Johnson have experienced the joy of seeing people come to Christ while serving as missionaries in Ivory Coast. But they’ve also experienced dark days.

    They watched their children almost die from malaria. War forced them to evacuate their home and leave the people they loved. But God even used those dark times to bring blessings into their lives, and to open the door for further ministry.

    Listen as Verne and Denny share their story, and share specific ways for you to pray for missionaries and gospel workers around the world.

    28 MIN
  • Iraq: “Heaven Is Rejoicing”
    When a fully veiled woman came to his church and asked to be baptized, this pastor from Iraq wasn’t sure how to respond. But the woman had been reading and memorizing the New Testament, and her faith in Christ was genuine. In spite of terrorism and radical Islam, God is moving in Iraq. Listen this week to hear an Iraqi pastor’s first-hand account of how God is working, how the church is growing and how the Islamic State is pushing Muslims toward Christ.
    28 MIN
  • Bold Witnesses in China
    Jonathan and Nick, two of VOM’s international workers, just returned from visiting bold Christian workers all over China, including one woman who shared the gospel with them! Listen in to hear how God is at work in China, even in the midst of a serious crackdown by Communist Party leaders. We’ll also hear how VOM is helping to support persecuted Christians, and the adventure of landing at one of the world’s highest airports. Photo credit: “Tibet, Lhasa” by Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn) Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
    28 MIN
  • North Africa: Preparing for Persecution
    “Brother Jay” continues the conversation about working in North Africa, including the biggest challenge that new Muslim converts to Christianity face, and how they prepare Christians—from their first days walking with Christ—to face persecution and rejection. Jay also shares ways that American Christians can reach out to Muslims who live right here in the United States. Then we’ll talk with Christian recording artist Nicole C. Mullen about her love for VOM’s book, “Jesus Freaks,” how she prays for persecuted believers and why she shares the stories of the faith of persecuted Christians with her children. Jesus Freaks: Photo credit: “Ahmed” by Guillaume Lecoquierre Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
    28 MIN
  • North Africa: Tearing Down Walls
    “Brother Jay” served more than a decade among Muslims in North Africa, sharing the love of Christ and discipling believers to become strong in their faith and share Jesus’ love with their countrymen. He shares how God is tearing down walls to allow His word to go forth. Jay has seen the persecution Muslim converts face, often persecution that comes first from their own families. He’s also seen Western Christians expelled and sent home. Jay will share with us about the faithfulness of God—even amidst persecution—and how Christians overcome fear to boldly share the gospel and keep serving the Lord in North Africa. Photo credit: “Ousseni” by Guillaume Lecoquierre Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
    28 MIN
  • Colombia: “We All Know the Risk”
    Pastors in the “red zone” areas of Colombia—areas controlled by FARC guerillas—are targets. The FARC resents the gospel message which makes it harder to recruit the population to support the guerilla movement. Pastors in such areas face danger and threats. This week on VOM Radio we’ll discuss how The Voice of the Martyrs provides such pastors with training and encouragement and how these encounters bless them, as well as the VOM workers involved. You’ll also hear an update on two ongoing court cases; the case against Asia Bibi in Pakistan and the ongoing trial of two pastors accused of espionage in Sudan.
    28 MIN
  • The Gospel Wildfire

    The Gospel Wildfire

    July 24, 2015
    Brother Jonathan, a VOM international ministries worker, says there is a gospel wildfire burning. Around the world, we’re seeing the gospel go forward like never before in the history of the church. But what is the air that gives life to this wildfire? What is the fuel, the spark, and the accelerant? Jonathan shares examples from our persecuted family of how this holy fire is lit and how it burns brightly, even in the midst of persecution and suffering. He also challenges Christians in free nations to pray and boldly work to see this same wildfire burn in our nations as well.
    28 MIN
  • Chiapas: They Lost Everything
    Most American Christians think persecution is something that happens only in far-off places. Many don’t realize that Christians in Mexico—right next door—can face persecution. In Chiapas, Zapatista rebels pressure those who choose to follow Jesus to renounce their faith in Christ and return to the traditional religion and superstitions of the area. Christians are kicked out of their homes and villages, left with nothing. “Ivan” oversees VOM’s ministry to these bold believers, and this week he shares about meeting with them and how God continues to work in spite of the persecution they face.
    28 MIN
  • Muslims Finding Christ: “I’m Sick of Killing”
    The sheikh had just exited Syria, where he’d been providing Islamic theological training to ISIS fighters. Now, he was looking for a Bible. Not to burn it—but to learn more about Jesus Christ. This Islamic teacher is not alone; God is working in the hearts of Muslims all over the Middle East—even the hearts of radical ISIS fighters trained to find glory in bloodshed. After years in the Middle East as a part of Operation Mobilization, “Julian” will share amazing true stories of God’s Kingdom advancing among Arab Muslims. He’ll also share how Christians are facing persecution, and being empowered by God to stand strong, and even to forgive those who kill their family members. Celebrate with us the stories of God’s advancing Kingdom this week on The Voice of the Martyrs Radio Network.
    28 MIN
  • Sharing the Truth, Any Way Possible
    Before sunrise, a North Korean Christian seals his small, secret radio into a plastic bag and buries it in the ground. He will dig it up late that night to listen again to Biblical teaching while trying to avoid the prying eyes of his neighbors and his government. At the same time, a radio transmitter built by Adolf Hitler’s propaganda machine broadcasts Jesus’ love on a million watts of broadcast power, and a Christian in the Middle East secretly downloads the Gospel of John onto his phone. TWR is using radio waves, smart phones and internet connections to share the gospel message around the world, and The Voice of the Martyrs is partnering to provide content to strengthen those serving Christ under persecution. Learn more about this important work this week on The Voice of the Martyrs Radio Network.
    28 MIN
  • Sudan: Foxholes and Forgiveness
    Christians in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan are under attack from their own government. When a plane flies overhead, our Sudanese brothers and sisters dive into fox holes to escape falling bombs. Hospitals and even schools are specifically targeted by the Islamic government of Sudan. Many Christians have fled their homes and are living in caves or in the mountains in hopes of finding safety. Yet even in the midst of attacks, some Christians are finding ways to reach out with Jesus’ love. VOM’s Dr. Jason Peters visited Christians in Sudan, and this week on VOM Radio he shares their inspiring and heartbreaking stories.
    28 MIN
  • We Are All Missionaries
    Sergio Cariello is a world-famous comic-book artist. And he’s a missionary. Sergio has drawn the famous faces of Batman, Spiderman and the Lone Ranger. He’s also brought the story of Jesus to life in a whole new way through the creation of The Action Bible, a tool VOM is helping to translate and distribute in the most difficult places on earth. This week on VOM Radio, Sergio shares how God is using his drawing gifts to spread the gospel and bring people to Christ, and challenges each of us to commit to serve God with the gifts and talents He has given each of us. Get The Action Bible on VOM Books:
    28 MIN
  • Niger: “The Church Is Getting Stronger”
    The Church in Niger is growing and getting stronger. Earlier this year, enemies of the gospel responded: churches were burned and Christians’ homes were attacked. Missionary Ron Childs shares what happened during those attacks, and how Niger’s Christians responded with forgiveness and boldness. Ron also shares how VOM provided assistance to affected Christians after the attacks, and the response of Christians encouraged by that help. You’ll be equipped to pray for the nation of Niger, and also hear two stories of answered prayer as God stepped in to save the lives of His people through miraculous intervention. (One of those stories is from VOM’s book, Extreme Devotion. Sign up to receive devotionals in your email box each morning here:
    28 MIN