In The Presence of My Enemies
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In The Presence of My Enemies
January 16, 2021
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Tortured For Christ – The Movie
25 MIN

John Grooters is the director of a new movie portraying the story of VOM's founders, Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, the story told by Richard in his best-selling book, Tortured For Christ.

Listen this week as John talks about turning this iconic book into a film, including the challenge of portraying Richard’s suffering in an appropriate way. John will also share how God’s hand was on the production, including snowfall and sunshine in Romania that miraculously cooperated with the filming schedule and how He led John to just the right song for the film—a song written by a Christian cellmate of Richard Wurmbrand in prison!

You’ll hear how Richard’s faith has impacted John as he studied the story and created the film, and how he hopes it will also impact the faith of the viewers, including ending the movie not with a scene of suffering but a scene of American Christians worshipping the Lord.

Learn more about the film, and order the DVD, at, and hear VOM Radio host, Todd Nettleton, as a guest on John’s podcast, “No Shame,” by clicking here.