CENTRAL ASIA: Muslims Ready for Truth
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CENTRAL ASIA: Muslims Ready for Truth
April 20, 2024
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Moving Moments of 2021 – Part 2
26 MIN

Join us as we continue to look back on some of the most moving moments on VOM Radio in 2021:

  • “Brother Aaron” says Christian persecution in Pakistan is “like the air”—all around, all the time.
  • Aaron Miller says his personal experience of persecution was surprising—but sacred as well.
  • Dan Baumann and Andrew Brunson said they don’t miss being in prison, but sometimes they do miss that intimacy with God. (Register to view the Imprisoned for Christ Virtual Event.)
  • Ellen Oblander shared how Richard Wurmbrand responded to suffering—even long after he was released from prison.
  • Anita Smith remembered the death of her husband, Ronnie Smith, in Libya, and how she began to pray for the men who killed him.
  • Tat Stewart tells about being in Tehran the day the US Embassy was taken over in 1979—and how God honored the spiritual seeds he planted in Iran.
  • Andy Byrd told of a young lady who came to Christ in the Himalayas—and paid a very high price.
  • “Brother Stephen” remembered telling the story of Jesus in a Bedouin camp to people who had never heard it before.
  • Tom and JoAnn Doyle shared how God transformed a man from Syria named Mohammed—and through that transformation reached his wife, Dina, as well.
  • John Weaver shared specific ways to pray for Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover of the country.

After hearing these brief program excerpts, you’ll want to go back and listen to the entire conversations. You can search for VOM Radio on your favorite podcast app, or listen online at the links below.

We praise God for allowing VOM Radio to share these amazing stories of His faithfulness in 2021. THANK YOU for listening. Please subscribe to the podcast and share VOM Radio with Christian friends you know would also be encouraged by these testimonies!