KIDNAPPED GOSPEL WORKER: Forgiveness is the Best Weapon We Have
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IRAN: “God Always Advances His Kingdom Through Trouble”
24 MIN

Tune in this week for the second half of our conversation with Pastor Tat Stewart, who lived and ministered in Tehran as the Islamic Revolution swept through Iran. Listen to how he was encouraged by his final conversation on Iranian soil before he and his family were expelled from the country. You’ll also hear how God showed him he could have a more far-reaching ministry to Iranians outside the country than he could ever have living inside the Islamic Republic.

“I could not stay away from what God was doing with Iranians,” he says.

Tat also shares how hungry the Iranian people were for the gospel—even teenagers craved deep teaching and were willing to invest long stretches of time in Bible study and prayer.

Tat continues to minister to Iranian Christians through Talim Ministries, including publishing and mentoring Iranian pastors.

If you missed the first half of our conversation with Tat, which included how God called him to Iran as well as his experiences on the day the US Embassy was taken over in 1979, listen here.

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