MALAYSIA: God Was Preparing Pastor Before His Abduction
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Kidnapped in the Philippines
31 MIN
Martin and Gracia Burnham were serving as missionaries in the Philippines, where Martin was a pilot with New Tribes Mission. The couple went away for a few days together to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Those few days turned into more than a year in the jungle when they were kidnapped by radical Muslim terrorists. Listen as Gracia tells how she wrestled with God and even with her own faith during those dark days of captivity, and how she experienced the prayers of God’s people, even as Martin was killed during a rescue attempt. Gracia bears witness to God’s faithfulness to the Burnhams and their children, and she gives an update on how God continues to work in the hearts of the terrorists that held them hostage. Her story will inspire you to find ways to glorify God, regardless of what challenges you may be facing. Find a VOM Advance Conference where Gracia will be speaking, and purchase Gracia's book, In the Presence of My Enemies, at VOM Books.