In The Presence of My Enemies
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In The Presence of My Enemies
January 16, 2021
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SAUDI ARABIA: They See The Difference
24 MIN
Sister Sahar was born into a Muslim family in Saudi Arabia. When she came to the U.S. to attend university, a Christian friend shared the love of Christ and a Bible with her, and Sahar came to realize that Jesus was more than a prophet—He is the Son of God. But choosing to follow Christ came with a price: Sahar’s mom refused to speak to her for months after finding out that she was a Christian. Today, Sahar works to share Jesus’ love with other Muslim women in the Middle East through a ministry called Unveiling Beauty (, and the joy in her life is one of the things God uses to show Muslim women how following Jesus is so very different from following Muhammed. Sahar will encourage listeners to reach out with love to Muslims right around us, and instruct on specific ways to pray for the nation of Saudi Arabia.