Transformation through Grace and Truth
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Transformation through Grace and Truth
September 25, 2021
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PETR JASEK: Prayer Made a Difference
24 MIN

When Petr Jasek spent 445 days in prison in Sudan, Omar al-Bashir was the dictatorial leader of the country. Since Petr’s release, Bashir’s government has been overthrown and Bashir locked inside one of the same prisons where Petr had been held.

But are things really different for Christians in Sudan? Petr will answer that question as he returns to finish the conversation we began last week about his arrest and imprisonment in Sudan.

In prison, Petr felt the Lord’s presence very near as he spent hours every day reading the Bible and praying. What has he done to maintain that same closeness as he returned to his normal, busy life?

The story of Petr’s imprisonment—and the ministry God allowed him inside—is told in a brand new book, Imprisoned with ISIS: Faith in the Face of Evil. You’ll receive a copy for free when you make a donation to VOM here.

Petr first told his story to VOM Radio listeners nine days after his release from prison. You can hear that conversation—recorded in Prague—here.

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