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New Martyrs in India
24 MIN

Aaron Miller leads VOM’s work in South and Central Asia, including India, where five Christians have been killed in the past two months.

Listen as he shares how coronavirus is affecting VOM’s work, including stories of blessings that have grown out of the COVID-19 pandemic. One pastor said his interrogation was postponed because authorities in his area are focused on the virus, not on the church.

Aaron brings unique expertise on persecution in India. Listen to the stories of some of the recent martyrs, including a teenager who stepped up when his pastor could no longer shepherd the flock in his village—and paid with his life. You’ll also hear how a husband, knowing persecution was coming, prepared his wife to stand strong in her faith even if she became a widow.

How does VOM respond when a Christian is killed in India or other nations? How are help and encouragement delivered to family members left behind? How can we pray for Christians in South and Central Asia?

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