ERITREA: The Valley of Death
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ERITREA: The Valley of Death
July 4, 2020
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Muslim Ministry: “When We Pray”
28 MIN
“There is something astounding happening right now” in the Muslim world, says Jami Staples, Director of Women’s Training for Crescent Project ( Muslims are coming to know Jesus Christ! Not just a few, but thousands! Listen this week as Jami shares the story of an American woman reaching out electronically to Muslim women living in a restricted nation. Hear how God is working among Muslims—even through the miraculous—and how Christians simply living out their lives and their love of Jesus can make a huge impact on Muslim friends looking on. We’ll also hear how persecution is a reality for Muslim converts—even in free nations like the US or those in Western Europe—and a special call to reach out to refugees who’ve lost everything in their own country. Grow your heart for Muslims and lengthen your prayer list, this week on VOM Radio.