CENTRAL ASIA: Pastor’s Murderer Becomes His “Spiritual Grandson”
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MIDDLE EAST: The Moment He Accepted Christ
24 MIN

What does your church do to help new believers grow in their faith? Imagine how much more difficult it would be to disciple new Christians if you couldn’t meet together in person, or if they couldn’t admit openly that they were now following Christ for fear of persecution?

“Brother Mark” works with Christians in 22 countries in North Africa and the Middle East, and he will tell us about the persecution faced by Christians in Muslim nations of that region.

We’ll talk about the new reality in Sudan after the overthrow of Omar al Bashir and his Islamist regime. There is more freedom for Christians—but still threats against the church.

What is the journey new Christians must make in order to be ready to face persecution and respond with forgiveness, love and hope? How is their identity, and their place in the culture, affected by their decision to follow Christ?

Brother Mark has been with us before on VOM Radio; you can listen that episode here.

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