ERITREA: The Valley of Death
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ERITREA: The Valley of Death
July 4, 2020
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IRAN: Even if They Torture Us
24 MIN
Brother Hamid from Iran is back on VOM Radio to finish telling the story of his conversion to Christ, and the persecution he faced in Iran after choosing to leave Islam. Hamid shares that, even as military officials were persecuting and beating him, the Holy Spirit reminded him to love them and care for their eternal souls. Hamid will also discuss how open Iranian people are to the love of Christ—both Iranians in Iran and those in other nations around the world, and how American Christians can participate in sharing the gospel with Muslims. If you missed Part 1 of Hamid’s story, listen to it here. Tune in also to hear thoughts from Dan Baumann, who shared the story of his arrest in Iran last month on VOM Radio, about reaching out to Muslims here in the United States, and his thoughts and advice for those feeling a call into missions.