SUDAN: Christians in Jeopardy as Fighting Continues
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INDIA: Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ
24 MIN

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu-nationalist government put India on 21-day lockdown. Every Indian is impacted—Christian, Muslim and Hindu, high caste and low caste, rich and poor.

“Brother Bennie” leads Alpha Ministries and he’s in direct contact with gospel workers all over India, as well as Myanmar and Nepal. Listen as he shares what life is like right now for everyone in India, especially Christian brothers and sisters facing both persecution and pandemic.

In spite of government oppression and fear of Covid-19, Indian Christians are reaching out and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. The gospel is going forth. Bennie will equip listeners to pray for India, and to reach out to Hindus who live in Western nations.

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