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Helping Muslims Find and Follow Jesus
March 25, 2023
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Day of the Christian Martyr 2020
38 MIN

Brother Jeremy, VOM’s deputy regional director for Africa, met Mary Sankagui just days after her husband—a pastor in Central African Republic—was killed for his faith in Christ and his ministry in a Muslim neighborhood. In spite of her loss, the woman Jeremy encountered had a deep sense of joy. Listen to hear Jeremy share the story of Pastor Jean-Paul Sankagui, and give us an update on current persecution in CAR and how the church there is responding and training the next generation of church leaders.

Cole Richards, VOM’s President, joins us first to talk about Day of the Christian Martyr (free resources here). How are Christians in free nations inspired by stories of exemplary Christians who served in the face of persecution and laid down their lives to advance Christ’s Kingdom? How can we pray for the families of martyred Christians?

Learn more about the Central African Republic and the church there in VOM’s Global Prayer Guide.

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