CHINA: Worst Persecution in 40 Years
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CHINA: Worst Persecution in 40 Years
June 12, 2021
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AFRICA: That’s What We’re Called To
24 MIN

Brother Jeremy is VOM’s deputy regional director for Africa, helping oversee all VOM projects to serve persecuted Christians on the African continent.

Jeremy will update us on how Covid-19 is affecting Africa, and how VOM workers continue serving persecuted Christians in spite of the coronavirus. Jeremy will update us on the situation in Nigeria, including the amazing testimony of kidnapped Pastor Lawan Andimi—who turned his “proof of life” video into an opportunity to testify for Christ.

Jeremy will also talk about how Boko Haram has expanded operations into northern Cameroon and other nations and how that’s affecting Christians. Finally, he’ll equip us to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Africa.

Learn how to pray for Christians in Nigeria from VOM’s Global Prayer Guide.

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