IRAN: A Dream, a Taxi and a Bible
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IRAN: A Dream, a Taxi and a Bible
August 8, 2020
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AFRICA: Our Call is to Obedience
24 MIN

Steve and Debbie Wolcott have served for decades as missionaries in Africa, seeking to share the gospel and strengthen the church in Congo, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and other nations.

The Wolcotts are back this week to finish our conversation about sharing the gospel even when it’s risky. They’ve gone to dangerous places to serve the church; listen as they explain how they think about risk-taking and the values that guide their decisions—decisions that have affected not only Steve and Debbie but their children as well.

Perhaps you or people you know are sensing God’s call to serve Him in missions. Steve and Debbie, as experienced missionaries, are uniquely qualified to advise and encourage on that journey. They’ll talk about discerning and answering that call, as well as their own journey of saying yes to God’s call—separately and together—to serve Him and His church in Africa.

They will also equip listeners to pray for missionaries, and for the church in some of the African nations where they work—and where Christians are persecuted for the name of Christ.

You can hear Part 1 of our conversation with the Wolcotts here. Steve and Debbie are a part of Africa Inland Mission. Learn more about their ministry here.