INDIA: When The Word of God Came, Things Changed
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AFGHANISTAN: A Flame on the Front Line
24 MIN
After 9-11, the few Americans living in Afghanistan were encouraged to leave the country, for their own safety. John Weaver stayed, feeling that the ministry God called him to there was not yet completed. Listen this week as John shares about his work in Afghanistan, and the challenge of sharing the gospel and discipling new believers in a country where there is no visible church presence, and where persecution often begins with a believer’s own family members. He’ll also share the challenge of serving God in a place where it could cost your life, and how he makes the daily decision to offer his life—to live or to die—for Christ’s service. John is the author of two books about his work in Afghanistan: Inside Afghanistan: An American Aide Worker’s Mission of Mercy to a War-Torn People and A Flame on the Front Line. (If you order the books through these affiliate links, a small portion of the purchase price comes to VOM as a referral fee.)