PETR JASEK: Imprisoned With ISIS
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PETR JASEK: Imprisoned With ISIS
May 30, 2020
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Tell Jesus Stories

July 14, 2018
Tell Jesus Stories
24 MIN

Bryson Vogeltanz works with Passion Ministries to call 18-25 year olds to a deeper walk with Christ, and to be involved with the work of God around the world. Listen as he shares how young people at a Passion Conference were challenged to help VOM deliver Scripture Balloons into North Korea, and how they overwhelmingly responded.

He’ll also talk about putting on a Passion event inside a predominantly-Muslim country, and how seeing young people answer Christ’s call has inspired his own faith and his pastoral work right here in the United States.

Finally, Bryson will challenge each of us to “tell Jesus stories” to those around us in order to draw others to Christ.

You can learn more about Passion events and register for Passion 2019 here.