LIBYA: “Jesus Is Worth Dying For”
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LIBYA: “Jesus Is Worth Dying For”
November 27, 2021
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Persecution Changing in Sudan, Ethiopia
34 MIN

Sean Paton leads VOM’s work on the continent of Africa, and he’ll share this week about significant changes in two African Countries: Sudan and Ethiopia.

In Sudan, there are reasons for optimism after the Sovereign Council leading the country revoked the apostasy law, which required the death penalty for anyone who left Islam to follow another faith. Sean will share how Christians in Sudan say, “no one is looking” at the church right now. While that window is open, bold believers are working diligently to advance Christ’s Kingdom.

The treatment of Christians is also changing in Ethiopia, but the trend is more persecution rather than less. Sean will help us understand some of the history of the church in Ethiopia, including how persecution is really a part of its DNA. He’ll also discuss different streams within the Christian community and how persecution is affecting each.

Sean will share the story of specific brothers and sisters who’ve faced attacks, and how they’ve responded with love and forgiveness to persecution. He’ll also talk about how VOM is helping—including letting Christian leaders know that VOM will stand with their families if God calls them to lay down their lives for His service. Finally, he’ll talk about specific ways to pray for both Ethiopia and Sudan.

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