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“My Ancestors Cannot Change My Life.” Vietnamese Pastor Always Talks About Christ
25 MIN

Pastor Matthew is a long-time pastor in the communist nation of Vietnam. Since coming to faith in Christ he’s been persecuted by family, neighbors and by police. Matthew came to Christ through the witness of an American missionary mentor. He heard the gospel message, but he also saw the life she lived and the love she showed to the people around her. He couldn’t know, at the time, the high cost he would pay to follow Christ in Vietnam.

“I didn’t know how hard it was to be a Christian in the beginning,” Matthew said, “I chose to become a Christian because God is good.”

Pastor Matthew started a church in his home, but police locked the door, cut the power, and told everyone to leave. They accused Matthew of being a spy for the Americans, and said Christianity was a religion only for Westerners.

“They are afraid of Christians,” says Matthew. “The power of the authorities is taken away by Jesus.”

Ancestor worship is common in Vietnam, and Vietnamese parents and grandparents worry their children who become Christians wont revere them properly after they have died.

“The family wants ancestor worship,” Matthew explains, “but we teach young people Who is worthy to be worshiped – Jesus.” Pastor Matthew still encourages young people to respect and love their families. They pray that, as they live out their faith, family members will see a difference in them and be drawn to the truth of Christ.

Listen as Pastor Matthew shares about persecution of Hmong Christians and the Vietnamese government’s crackdown on pastors. He’ll share the most effective ways persecuted Christians are encouraged as they continue to train and equip leaders to stand firm in their faith.  He’ll also share how you can pray specifically for the church in Vietnam and those who don’t yet know Christ.

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