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Helping Muslims Find and Follow Jesus
March 25, 2023
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IRAN: Better Than I Thought
24 MIN
Listen this week to the second half of our conversation with Dan Baumann, who was imprisoned on a trip to Iran and regularly beaten by guards. You’ll hear how Dan saw the heart of his tormentor changed by the love of God, and how he found out he’d be released—exactly on the schedule God had revealed to him on the day of his arrest. Dan will also share how God gave him experiences that have kept his heart soft towards the Iranian people, and practical advice on how we can pray for Christians in prison for their faith today. Dan will also talk about the unique prayer that his mother prayed right after his arrest in Iran. If you missed Part I of our interview with Dan, you can listen to it here. After you listen to this week’s episode, order a copy of the book which tells the story of Dan’s experiences in Iran, Cell 58 (affiliate link), and learn more about his ministry, YWAM.