MIDDLE EAST: Persecution Gives Me A Taste Of Jesus
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A God-Sized Vision for China
24 MIN

“Brother Joel” continues the conversation we left off last week about God’s work in China, work which continues in spite of an ongoing wave of Christian persecution and the coronavirus pandemic. Brother Joel helps VOM distribute Bibles in every part of China. He’ll give us an update on current challenges for Bible efforts in China—including Chinese Christians currently in prison simply for providing people—including children—access to God’s Word.

Joel will tell us how new laws in China affected foreign Christian workers, including thousands who found their visas cancelled and were forced to leave China, sometimes almost immediately. He’ll also talk about a current project to complete a new translation of the Bible into Chinese—a translation more favorable to Communist Party and socialist principles.

Yet in spite of persecution, the virus and the other challenges facing China’s church, Joel says Chinese Christians are encouraged and excited about what God is doing in their nation. He’ll equip listeners to pray with current, specific needs of the church in China.

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