KIDNAPPED GOSPEL WORKER: Forgiveness is the Best Weapon We Have
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  • PETR JASEK: One Year Free
    One year ago Petr Jasek walked out of a Sudanese prison, a free man after 445 days as a prisoner of the government of Sudan. Listen as Petr—who served as VOM’s regional director for ministry in Africa—shares what God has done and taught since Petr’s release, including the release of the Sudanese men who were on trial with Petr and the emotion of being reunited with them. Listen also for further discussion of Petr’s time in prison, how God moved and how Petr coped with the stress and the persecution he faced in the prison. Petr will also talk about how he and his family prepared ahead of time for the possibility of his arrest, and how his story has impacted Christians in his native Czech Republic. Right after his release, Petr shared the full story of his arrest and time in prison, including sharing his first prison cell with ISIS fighters. You can listen to those interviews here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
    24 MIN
  • PETR JASEK: God Opened the Door

    From the first days after his arrest in Sudan, Petr Jasek repeatedly said, “God is the One who holds the key to my cell.”

    Jasek, a Czech citizen, is VOM’s Africa regional director and he was just released after 14 months in prison in Sudan. In this third and final part of our conversation with Petr, he shares about how he stopped praying to be released from prison and simply focused on fulfilling the Lord’s purpose for him inside prison walls.

    Listen as Petr shares what it was like to hear the judge announce that he was sentenced to life in prison, and the verse he read from Psalms moments before he found out God would be using the key and opening Petr’s cell door.

    Petr will also share—from his personal experience—how we should pray for Christians in prison, and for their families who sometimes suffer more than the prisoners. You will be challenged to think about what it means to wait on the Lord as you hear Petr share how, after 445 days, God set this captive free. (Listen to all three parts of our conversation with Petr to hear the full story of God’s work in his life during his time in prison.)

    28 MIN
  • PETR JASEK: “The Greatest Peace”
    What verse of Scripture would you grab onto if you were locked in prison for your faith? Petr Jasek, a Czech national and VOM’s Africa regional director, was released last month after 445 days in prison in Sudan. Listen as he shares the verse that became a theme for him during those long months in prison. It was not a verse about setting captives free. Instead, it was a verse about the holiness of God. It became a theme for Petr; he would use it to guide his prayers and recite it over and over each day throughout his imprisonment. Meditating on God’s holiness provided strength for Petr as his radical Muslim cellmates began to pressure, persecute and torture him. Listen also for the story of the opportunity God provided that encouraged Petr as he began to lose hope after four months in prison. Petr’s story challenges each of us to think about how we deal with hardship or opposition, and reminds us to seek God’s plan and His will, even when we’re uncomfortable or suffering. (Listen also to the first part of our conversation with Petr in last week’s episode: Prisoner Set Free.)
    28 MIN
  • PETR JASEK: Prisoner Set Free
    Petr Jasek, a Czech national and VOM’s Africa regional director, spent 445 days in a Sudanese prison. Days after returning home, Petr sat down with VOM Radio to share his story and thank the thousands of people who prayed for him and his co-defendants during his long months in prison. Listen in as Petr shares about going to the airport to leave Sudan in December of 2015, and the point when he knew that what he faced was much more than a routine security screening. He’ll share how he kept praying as he was questioned, and how he found out that his cell mates were members of ISIS. Your faith will be encouraged as you hear how God had been preparing Petr—even years before his arrest—to remain faithful even during months in prison.
    28 MIN