CENTRAL ASIA: Muslims Ready for Truth
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CENTRAL ASIA: Muslims Ready for Truth
April 20, 2024
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  • TURKEY: Opportunities in Difficulty
    David is a gospel worker in Turkey facing deportation by the Turkish government, which has stated in court documents that David’s bold witnessing for Christ “exceeded usual religious rituals,” and is therefore a threat to public safety and order. When we left off David’s story in the first half of our conversation last week, David was locked in a deportation center with others waiting to be kicked out of Turkey—including ISIS fighters. Listen as David picks up the story and shares how not only did God protect him from the ISIS fighters, but He also allowed David to lead an Afghan man he met in jail to Christ. David will also talk about the political upheaval in Turkey and how we can pray for another American, Andrew Brunson, currently imprisoned in Turkey. Finally, David will share ways to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Turkey during this pivotal time. You’ll also hear the story of a VOM Radio listener inspired by the stories of gospel workers in hostile and restricted nations to reach out right here in the United States.
    24 MIN
  • TURKEY: "A Habit of Miracles"
    David is a bold gospel worker in Turkey, even sharing the gospel openly on busy city streets. Naturally, such activity draws attention from police and others, which has led to David being detained numerous times. But his bold evangelism activity is legal--protected by Turkish law. Listen this week to hear David share some of his experiences seeing God come through with protection and opportunities to witness--even opportunities inside a jail cell. After seeing God answer prayer so consistently, David says he's developed the habit of expecting a miracle. Your faith will be inspired this week as you hear David's story. What door might God be opening to you--perhaps even a doorway through a difficult circumstance--to be a witness for Him?
    24 MIN