Communism Is Not Dead
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Communism Is Not Dead
March 28, 2020
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Donation Opportunities

Two men in boat transporting bibles

A Bible For Every Believer

Support the printing, purchasing and/or smuggling of Bibles — including print, digital, audio and children’s Bibles — for believers who might otherwise live their entire lives without ever reading the Word of God. Your gift can help ensure that every believer living in a restricted nation or hostile area has access to his or her own copy of the Bible.

Woman beside grave

Persecution Response

Sustain believers in the immediate aftermath of a persecution event, supporting those who have suffered persecution themselves or the families of pastors or evangelists imprisoned or killed because of their Christian activities. Your gift may be used to assist with living expenses, children’s educational needs, relocation within a nation, legal assistance, vocational training or other needs.

Person being baptized in pond

Front-Line Ministry

Equip and assist front-line workers in hostile areas and restricted nations who bravely preach the gospel of Jesus Christ despite great risks. The support provided is uniquely tailored to each worker’s needs. An evangelist or pastor may need horses able to carry loads at high altitudes, training at an underground leaders’ seminar, a bicycle for transportation to rural villages, a solar-powered video projector for ministry work or some other form of assistance. Gifts may also provide direct support to gospel workers and their families.